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Text Box: The 2007/2008 Farm Bill is still in Conference with an extended deadline of April 18, 2008.  NACD and Conservation Districts across the nation are working to ensure that conservation is fairly represented in the reauthorization of the Farm Bill.  For a side by side comparison of the House passed Farm Bill, the Senate passed Farm Bill and the current 2002 Farm Bill go to the NACD website at www.nacdnet.org or <Click Here.>.  
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Text Box: Approximately 75 Conservation District supervisors and employees participated in the 2008 MASWCD Educational Seminar on March 26-27.  Bill Foster spoke to the group on Wednesday evening with the most current details of the budget.  On Thursday a continental breakfast was served in the Capitol Third Floor Rotunda with the Seminar participants meeting with their Representatives and Senators to discuss conservation issues as well as the budget.

Text Box: MASWCD Education Seminar
Text Box: The MASWCD Area Meetings will most likely be held in August this year.  The planning is just beginning to get underway, but be sure to plan on attending.  There will be elections for Area Directors and Alternates in Area 2, Area 4, Area 6, and Area 8.  Meetings will be held either day or evening as determined by each Area.

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The 2008 NACD Stewardship week is April 27 to May 4.  The theme is “Water is Life".  The Stewardship concept involves personal and social responsibility, including a duty to learn about and improve natural resources as we use them wisely, leaving a rich legacy for future generations.

Are we making new water?  No—the water you used today to brush your teeth may have been a water molecule used by dinosaurs.  We use our water over and over and the water cycle is natures way of recycling our water.  Visit http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/watercycle.html for water cycle posters in 50 languages.


Additional information can be found at www.nacdnet.org/stewardship/2008/