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The National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) convened their 62nd annual conference in Reno, Nevada. Over 1000 conservationists came from all 50 states and many territories to attend.  Representing Missouri was MASWCD President Fred Feldmann, Vice-President Steve Radcliff, Board Members Bruce Biermann and Marie Iiams, and Executive Director Peggy Lemons.   

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Volume 1, Issue 1, March 2008

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Don’t Forget to Register: MASWCD Education Seminar — March 26-27, 2008, Capitol Plaza Hotel, Jefferson City, Missouri.  This year we will be in the Capitol Building Third Floor Rotunda for better exposure and access to the Senators and Representatives on Thursday morning.          

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What is MRRIC and why does it matter?  The Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee (MRRIC), will be the vital link between the Corps’ recovery projects and the stakeholders impacted by those projects.  Recovery projects are necessary to ensure the survival of the Pallid Sturgeon, the Interior Least Tern, and the Piping Plover.  All three are protected under the Endangered Species Act, and federal regulations and policies mandate that the Corps work on recovery projects for those three species in the basin.  MRRIC will be involved in reviewing these recovery plans to ensure stakeholder concerns are addressed and negative impacts are minimized.

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A meeting was held with Senator Delbert Scott in his office on February 20 to discuss the authority of the Soil & Water Program in Missouri.  Those attending were:  Senator Scott’s Aide Charlie Ballard, MASWCD President Fred Feldmann, MO District Employee Association President Ben Reed, DNR Soil & Water Program Director Bill Foster, DNR Director Doyle Childers, Commissioner Leon Kriesler, and a couple of other district employees and supervisors.

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