MRRIC . . . .  (Continued)


It is official!! A final draft of the Missouri River Recovery Implementation

Committee charter has been approved by the drafting group . This may not seem

like much to celebrate about but it brought over 50 federal agencies, states,

tribes and stakeholder groups together for 10 months to hammer out a first of

its kind river basin charter. This process has brought stakeholder groups,

tribes, states and federal agencies together to work collaboratively in

developing consensus on issues that hopefully will lead to better unified

management of the Missouri River natural resource issues . This process also

helped opposing groups to discuss underlying concerns and vent past

frustrations with similar basin agreement attempts and agree on some very

basic concepts. It may not be on a par with the Mid East Peace Talks but some

in the group were using that analogy.


The next step is to have the Undersecretary of the Army approve it and select

the MRRIC members. The 2007 Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) that

authorized the establishment of the MRRIC set a deadline of May 8, 2008 for

MRRIC to be formed. That deadline should be met if the charter is approved as

presented. The appointment process hasn't been fully developed but the

timeframe we discussed is to close the nomination period in late June and have

the Undersecretary's appointments announced by mid July.


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